These 3 Easy DIY Mug Cakes are A Total Revolution In The World Of Baking!

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Pulling off a whole, lavishly decorated cake at home surely looks to be a hard-to-achieve task. However, it doesn’t mean you have to hold your sudden dessert cravings. That simple microwavable mug lying in that kitchen and a few basic ingredients when put together can end up in a toothsome individual serving Mug Cake!

3 Easy DIY Mug Cakes

Celebrating your love for chocolates is the best idea to begin with homemade desserts. So, how about whipping up a double chocolate cake, wherein you not only go for lots of cocoa powder integrated into the cake batter, but actually double up the charm by using some semi-sweet chocolate chips to add an enchanting twist to your mug cake?

When the kids crave for a fruity dessert that has also got a dose of health packed with the flavor, Apple Spiced Mug Cake is going to be your one-stop destination. Those fresh cut slices of apple nestled throughout the cake add so much more magic to the batter that sports a lovely essence of some cinnamon and apple sauce. And, the final touches are brought by a cinnamon stick inserted into the mug.

The last recipe is a delectable Espresso Mug Cake that’s going to be a more than perfect accompaniment for a warm cup of coffee in the evenings. Lots of instant espresso powder makes the base cake oh so awesome, while a dollop of whipped cream and a coffee bean adorning the top of the cake truly steal the show.

In the below YouTube video tutorial, Rosanna Pansino showcases the detailed step-by-step recipes to prepare the 3 Super Easy DIY Mug Cakes all by yourself, that too in just a matter of few minutes.

3 Easy DIY Mug Cakes!

We bet, by the time you reach the end, you are already going to find the delights absolutely irresistible – getting all set to hit the kitchen for some ultra-cool and effortless baking

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