The 30 Best Birthday Cakes for Boys

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Regular and traditional birthday cakes have been left quite behind since the idea of personalized theme cakes came like a range into the world of cake-decorating. And, your little boy’s birthday too deserves a gorgeous cake that makes the occasion even better. But, what to create that goes perfectly well with a boy birthday party might be a little difficult. Below are 30 Delicious Birthday Cakes for Boys that can be your next celebration’s showstopper, while being just so easy to put together!

11. Lego Superhero Cake

Lego Superhero Cake

Looking a true work of art when it comes to the appearance, and flaunting an equally delicious flavor, this Lego Superhero Cake won’t fail to win over all the hearts at your young boy’s next birthday party. And what’s great is that this one has got not just one, but three different superhero cake layers, along with a few nitty-gritty decorations that bring some more heros into action. The bottom layer has got glorious Superman logo, having the middle one decorated with Spiderman’s web, while the top layer is a mini Bat-man itself!

Recipe Details : cakesdecor

12. Lego Cake

Lego Cake

Why go for a regular cake when you can brighten up your boy’s birthday table with a huge edible piece of lego, just like this wonderful Lego Cake? You don’t need to go for any complicated decorating skills or any special tools to whip up this super cool treat. All you need to do is get a box cake or prepare one at home and cover the 3 layer cake with a layer of frosting, followed by pouring lots of buttercream in your favorite color. It’s so quick and easy that even the kids can help you out with this one!

Recipe Details : inkatrinaskitchen

13. How to Make a Football Cake

Whether you are going for some football-watching with the whole family, or simply planning for a dessert after the match, this Football Cake is going to be a sure shot hit at all times. After all, what can be better than a cake that goes perfectly well with the event when it comes to celebrating something. Lying on a thick bed of grass, that huge football cake covered in rich frosting and a thick layer of colored fondant looks so realistic you would think twice before actually cutting a slice out.

Recipe Details : cakecentral

14. How to Make a Death Star Cake

How to Make a Death Star Cake

Recreate a complete sci-fi Death Star Cake ball getting creative with lots of sugarpaste that hides a thick dark chocolate ganache and a delicious chocolate mud cake inside. What you need to put the cake together is 2 half round dark chocolate cakes, thick ganache, royal icing, a round cutter, plastic dowels, some black gel coloring, a piping bag and a special tip, a cake board with center dowel, cardboard cake boards, and lastly, lots of sugarpaste in grey, black, and dark grey.

Recipe Details : cakecentral

15. How to Decorate a Captain America Shield Cake with M&Ms

How to Decorate a Captain America Shield Cake with M&Ms

Perhaps, nothing can put those juicy M&Ms to a better use than a lip-smacking cake like this Captain America Shield Cake, featuring a decor of nothing else but lots of M&Ms in a tri-colored theme. Talking of the base, the cake is a really fudgy chocolate treat complimented by lots of canned cream cheese frosting. That Captain America’s shield in top is surely going to make you no less than a superhero in your kid’s eyes, and the best part is that you can get it all done just like a child’s play!

Recipe Details : busy-at-home

16. Superhero Birthday Cake Tutorial with Cake Boss Cakes

Superhero Birthday Cake Tutorial with Cake Boss Cakes

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to integrate the charm of more than one superheroes into one single piece of wonder with a delicious Superhero Birthday Cake when you are looking out to delight your young thrill seeker? Cake Boss products makes it a dream come true by letting you design this irresistible cake with utmost ease, having three different tiers dedicated to batman, spiderman, and superman respectively. You will need a 6-piece bake-ware set, Viva Vanilla frosting, cake mixes, and lots of colored fondant.

Recipe Details : vivaveltoro

17. Superman Cake

Superman Cake

If you think you are not a pro at cake decorating, but still want to create something amazing that your little hero would remember for years to come, this Superman Cake is all you need. It takes just a little materials to whip up this cake, including a Cake Mix or a recipe of your choice, some blue frosting, some red frosting, yellow frosting, and a cake stand. That huge Superman logo on the top of the cake is worthy enough of bringing a huge smile on your kid’s face, that too almost effortlessly.

Recipe Details : thejoysofboys

18. Pirate Ship Cake Designs

Pirate Ship Cake Designs

Almost every little boy fancies the idea of pirate ships, and if you are planning to surprise your boy with a great birthday party with all his friends – you must have a showstopper of a cake to be the star treat for the gathering. You have got a whole bunch of interesting and unique cake designs centered around a pirate ship theme shared by Birthday Cake Guides. Ranging from luxurious ships with large sails and brass decorations to simple and subtle designs yet great flavour, this one has you covered.

Recipe Details : birthday-cakes-guide

19. How to Make a Soccer Ball Cake

How to Make a Soccer Ball Cake

Is your kid a die-hard soccer lover? This Soccer Ball Cake blends the magic of soccer with the ever-successful flavours of Oreo, chocolate, vanilla frosting, and flaked coconut – all in a perfectly balanced combination. Oh so delicious ball of soccer cake covered in lots of frosting has got loads of Oreo cookies nestled on top to form the ball patches. The below recipe by Parenting not only offers you the step-by-step instructions to prepare the sporty cake, but also a downloadable template to help you out with the whole process.

Recipe Details : parenting

20. Star Wars Birthday Cakes

Star Wars Birthday Cakes

Here are a few simply exquisite cakes celebrating the classic series Star Wars with a melt-in-the-mouth treat. Undoubtedly, the star element of all of them is the creative decor that adorns the cake layers inside amazingly well. You might think that whipping them up at home would call for some expert cake decorating, but these are all truly easy-to-achieve desserts – letting you make your imagination come alive with just a little clever placement of some brightly colored fondant pieces.

Recipe Details : bitrebels

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