The 30 Best Birthday Cakes for Boys

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Regular and traditional birthday cakes have been left quite behind since the idea of personalized theme cakes came like a range into the world of cake-decorating. And, your little boy’s birthday too deserves a gorgeous cake that makes the occasion even better. But, what to create that goes perfectly well with a boy birthday party might be a little difficult. Below are 30 Delicious Birthday Cakes for Boys that can be your next celebration’s showstopper, while being just so easy to put together!

21. Train Birthday Cake Design

Train Birthday Cake Design

It won’t be too much to call this Train Birthday Cake the ultimate must-make party dessert for all those who are fond of the rustic charm of trains, engines and that one-of-a-kind music made by a running train. And your kids would fall head over heels in love with how pretty this cake looks. You won’t believe what all this thing of beauty has got in store, ranging from an adorable engine to a winsome middle car, from a little caboose to some pretty train tracks – all made out of a variety of delicious edible treats!

Recipe Details : parenting

22. Dump Truck Birthday Cake Design

Dump Truck Birthday Cake Design

A super crunchy pile of coarsely crushed chocolate cookies, thin pretzel sticks and a few M&Ms forms the dump loaded on the totally decadent Dump Truck Birthday Cake covered in red vanilla frosting. that hides a delightful pound cake inside. The inside has got the goodness of a delightful and tender pound cake, having the tires of the cake created with chocolate covered donuts and yellow M&Ms. But the part that makes it a piece of prettiness is the awesome details in the decor – the truck lights and white chocolate windows.

Recipe Details : parenting

23. How to Make a Firetruck Cake

How to Make a Firetruck Cake

Every little thing you see on this beautiful cake is colored fondant, that is blanketing lots of scrumptious cake layers placed together in a creative fashion to reflect the shape of an adorable firetruck, which is further covered by thick coats of icing. What you need to make your very own versions of the cake is two baked and cooled cakes, some buttercream icing, lots of homemade or store-bought fondant, a little silver pearl dust, a sturdy base, and icing in red, black and yellow colors.

Recipe Details : bekicookscakesblog

24. Minecraft Cake

Minecraft Cake

Something that looks this cute and tastes so fabulous seems too good to be true when it comes with the fact that it doesn’t require you to be a connoisseur at baking or cake art. This utterly simple Minecraft Cake begins with a super large, square cake with a height of about 8 inches. It sports a yummy blend of chocolate and vanilla for the base, coated with a luxurious layer of chocolate buttercream and crushed Oreo cookies to form the dirt. The green fondant on top is garnished with some piped green grass and fondant game figures.

Recipe Details : graybarnbaking

25. 2 Tier Minecraft with Sword Topper

2 Tier Minecraft with Sword Topper 2 Tier Minecraft with Sword Topper

The moment you get a glimpse of this irresistibly gorgeous cake, you would skip a heartbeat – all thanks to the amazingly innovative and detailed assembling of the 2 tiered treat with an edible sword on top. It’s exceptionally wonderful how the base layer has been covered in little square panels in different shades of brown throughout to resemble Minecraft pixels, while the pattern gradually reaches the upper tier with grace. Although this ones takes detailed airbrushing and time, it’s all worth the effort.

Recipe Details : cakesdecor

26. Shark Birthday Cake Design

Shark Birthday Cake Design

Who would believe that this mini shark jumping out of those thick, heavy waves is actually a scrumptious birthday cake? And the credit goes to those adorable features of the little shark, including the eyes and gills worked out with Junior Mints and black icing, those shiny teeth made with spongy marshmallows, and that mouth formed out of red fruit leather. How you can put the cake together has been explained through detailed step-by-step instructions by Parenting, along with downloadable design templates.

Recipe Details : parenting

27. Pirate Ship Birthday Cake

Pirate Ship Birthday Cake

This one can turn out to be the complete showstealer when you are bringing the idea of a pirate themed birthday party to life. A delicious cake base coated in chocolate frosting is what you begin with and take the treat to new heights of awesomeness. The key to recreating the Pirate Ship is to place lots of pretzel snaps in a way to form the windows and railings, while making a bow out of bread-stick. The touches of yellow frosting, the M&Ms, and some Life Savers bring out the details, but the sails on top grab all the attention.

Recipe Details : parenting

28. How to Make a French Fries Cake

How to Make a French Fries Cake

What if a cake could also be called as a bows of yummy french fries? If you found the statement confusing, this French Fries Cake sporting fries made out of lightly toasted pound cake sticks would surely make you laugh in wonder. And it doesn’t take more than four simple ingredients, including an 8-inch round cake, some vanilla frosting, red food coloring, and a frozen pound cake, along with a few supplies – a bread knife, sheet pan, a wax-paper-lined basket, a Ziploc, and a mini-paper cupcake liner.

Recipe Details : parenting

29. How To Make Simple Football Helmet Cupcakes

Individual birthday cake treats come with the advantage of eliminating those fights over who gets the larger piece, while serving all the goodness of a full-sized cake on each kid’s plate ! And, specially if those beauties flaunt a sport-themed charm, just like these Football Helmets that are nothing but delectable cupcakes sporting vibrant colors. All you need is some sticky tape, a sharp knife, a butter knife, some cornflour, fondant rolling pin, green buttercream frosting, white fondant, and of course cupcakes to frost.

Recipe Details : cakecentral

30. Lego Ninja Cake Tutorial

Lego Ninja Cake Tutorial

Here is another stunning Lego Cake – because we just can’t get enough of the concept when it comes to birthday parties for the boys. But, this one is a cute twist on a traditional lego cake, and integrates a lovely Ninja into the finished piece, sitting right in the middle on top of the cake, holding some colorful balloons with charm. How the sides are covered with lots of little rectangular pieces of colored fondant is worthy enough of stealing everyone’s heart, specially when coupled up by the name at the bottom.

Recipe Details : cakecentral

Preparing a cake at home for your little champ’s next birthday party shouldn’t seem to be a confusion anymore, when you have got a whole world of options to choose from. Whether you are looking for a Superhero theme cake, a beautiful Lego cake, a stunning Sport themed cake, or something that celebrates your kid’s favorite movie series, the aforesaid Birthday Cakes For Boys have you covered. All you need to do is simply bring your child’s dreams to life with just a bit of creativity!

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