30 Best Nutella Cake Recipes

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It would be quite a challenging job to find someone who doesn’t adore the delightful flavour of Nutella with all its hazelnut-y goodness and the perfectly balanced chocolate element. Why savor this yummy creamy something as a spoonful alone when you can turn it into an insanely delectable cake, coupling it up with a few others of your favorite flavours. Here are 30 Insanely Decadent Nutella Cake Recipes that are a Nutella lover’s dream come true.

21. Nutella Microwave Mug Cakes

Nutella Microwave Mug Cakes

Looking out for something that even the kiddos can whip up all by themselves in those sudden hours of craving when you just can’t make it possible to assist them? These Nutella Microwave Mug Cakes come to your rescue, taking no more than three steps to get all serve-ready, using just a handful of ingredients, including flour, baking powder, sugar, milk, unsweetened cocoa, Nutella, an egg, and a little vanilla extract. It gets ready in the microwave super quickly, but the end results are exceptionally gooey, rich, and delicious for the little effort it takes.

Recipe Details : spendwithpennies

22. Italian Nutella Crumb Cake

Italian Nutella Crumb Cake

Here is something as amazing to savor as it’s elegant to look at – Italian Nutella Crumb Cake, that’s a delicious crumb cake enveloping a thick layer of Nutella in between. All it calls for is some flour, sugar, baking powder, a pinch of salt, some butter, an egg, and a cup of Nutella. How perfectly well do the rich and creamy texture of Nutella go with the crumb-like texture of the cake is worthy enough of grabbing a tummy-full of this treat with the whole family over a nice cup of coffee. This one has got both contrast and compliment!

Recipe Details : anitalianinmykitchen

23. Simple 3 ingredient Nutella Fudge Cake

Simple 3 ingredient Nutella Fudge Cake

Capable of becoming your new found stick-to-your-teeth love when you are dying for a little dose of chocolate, these Nutella Fudge Cakes are an ideal dessert when you just can’t wait too long to treat your taste buds. It’s quite evident by the name of this cake that it takes only three simple ingredients for the making – Nutella spread, all purpose flour, and some large eggs, along with a few easy-to-follow steps explained by Fa’s Kitchen. These little creations are one of the quickest Nutella cake recipes you would come across.

Recipe Details : faskitchen

24. Chocolate Crepes Cake with Nutella and Nuts

Chocolate Crepes Cake with Nutella and Nuts

No matter what’s the occasion, this gorgeous Chocolate Crepes Cake with Nutella and Nuts would be a smashing hit at every get together. It sports loads and loads of pancake layers adorned with a homemade Nutella cream mixture, and chocolate cream mix. The whole bunch of layers is then covered in a rich and luxurious coat of chocolate ganache, forming a smooth and creamy treat that comes the perfectly balanced amount of crunch throughout. To finish the dessert, you can top it with some walnuts and some more Nutella cream.

Recipe Details : enjoy-dessert

25. Nutella Gooey Butter Cake

Nutella Gooey Butter Cake

Looking just like brownies, Nutella Gooey Butter Cake is a dense and moist cake holding a velvety cream cheese filling on top, which is hidden beneath a sweet and crispy crust. Decorated with a subtle touch of powdered sugar all over, this one steals your heart with its insanely buttery and tender texture of the filling made out of lots of Nutella, chocolate cake mix and a little vanilla. Cherish those beautiful smiles and giggles on those lips of your kiddos when they cut open a slice of this one heck of a Nutella cake.

Recipe Details : tidymom

26. Nutella Crunch Cake

Nutella Crunch Cake

Another name for luxury, a toothsome topping of crunchy Nutella makes this sheet cake marvelous not only in terms of its appearance, but also the unbeatable relish it has got to itself. Actually, the crunch is nothing but chopped, toasted hazelnuts and rice krispies covered in a luscious coat of Nutella and semi-sweet chocolate. For the base, this one features a yummy chocolate cake topped with a mixture of sweetened condensed milk and Nutella, that also runs through some little holes made in the spongy cake.

Recipe Details : cookiesandcups

27. Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Cupcakes with Raspberry Frosting

Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Cupcakes with Raspberry Frosting

Flaunting a wonderfully vibrant union of contrasting colors, this Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Cupcakes look picture-perfect when topped with a thick decor of ultra-fluffy raspberry frosting. And these come with a lovely surprise which comes out the moment you dig into the cake – a delicious filling of creamy Nutella that lends an extra creamy element to the soft and tender chocolate cake made out of eggs, egg yolk, melted butter, oil, sour cream, and hot coffee. Speaking of the decor, a whole raspberry has been placed on the top, bringing out the perfect fruity touch.

Recipe Details : bakerbynature

28. Oreo Nutella Cake – Eggless Chocolate Cake

Oreo Nutella Cake - Eggless Chocolate Cake

Replacing eggs with silken tofu, an irresistibly chocolate-y and dense chocolate cake forms the base for this Oreo Nutella Cake which is nestled with little chocolate chips throughout. This one features a soft and chewy texture, which is complimented with a layer of smooth Oreo buttercream sandwiched between the cake layers. Lots of Nutella buttercream comes into action for frosting the cake, which is further coupled up with little decorations done with some more Oreo buttercream. The top has got lots of Oreo cookies and toasted hazelnuts.

Recipe Details : peasandpeonies

29. Fudgy Nutella Chocolate Cake

Fudgy Nutella Chocolate Cake

Absolutely pure flavours of Chocolate and Nutella join forces in one single lip-smacking experience with this tempting cheesecake that has got a super sweet Nutella cheesecake filling that sits over a moist and truly decadent chocolate cake. According to the author, this Fudgy Nutella Chocolate Cake is perhaps, one of the easiest Nutella cake recipes you would find that gets ready in just a deal of five minutes, not calling for any complicated decor and a long list of ingredients. What a smooth-as-silk piece of delight!

Recipe Details : atreatsaffair

30. Nutella Filled Recipes

Nutella Filled Recipes

Desserts featuring a Nutella-filled center can be rightly called a complete sight to wonder when you cut through their exterior, whether it’s a delicious cheesecake, a butter blondie, a chocolate cake, a cute little vanilla cupcake, or simply yummy red velvet cake cookies shared by Community Table. No matter, what’s the dessert you are integrating a Nutella center into, the end results are always a scrumptious thing blending everything beautifully together – thanks to the ever-successful flavour of this one-of-a-kind hazelnut spread that can go anyone go nuts about itself.

Recipe Details : communitytable

It’s just fantastic how you can combine Nutella with almost any kind of cake one can think of, and it won’t be wrong to name is as one of the most versatile desserts of all time. Undoubtedly, a cream and rich piece of sweetness incorporating the super delicious flavour of Nutella can add a touch of happiness to a regular evening, as well as lavish get together, which makes it worth it to try your hands at one of more of the above Nutella Cake Recipes!

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