42 Brilliantly Gorgeous Easter Cake Recipes Enchanting The Spring Season!

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Celebrations always call for a dessert, and nothing can match a home-made centrepiece for a Easter get together, that’s not just pretty, but truly delectable. Whether you’re looking for an exquisitely beautiful Easter cake to cast a miraculous spell on your friends and family, or are just wishing to prepare a quick festive-themed dessert to treat your little kids with, these 42 Brilliantly Gorgeous Easter Cake Recipes have got you covered.

31. Raspberry Easter Egg Cupcakes

Raspberry Easter Egg Cupcakes

Immerse in the unbeatable freshness of yummy, sweet and juicy raspberries that make this Easter cake piled with delicious flavours. Not to mention, the topping of green grass buttercream made using a readily available grass tip, and the chocolate candy eggs on top make these cupcakes a picture-perfect sight when resting right in the middle of your Easter treats table. The three mini Cadbury Chocolate Candy Eggs on top are what take things quite over the top, not only in terms of how the dessert looks, but also pair up with raspberry just like a miracle. Head to the below recipe to learn how you can make your very own versions of Raspberry Easter Egg Cupcakes.

Recipe Details : krissys-creations

32. Peeps Chick Surprise Inside Cupcakes

Peeps Chick Surprise Inside Cupcakes

When you gain a deeper insight into this awesome cupcake recipe, you would agree that Easter surprises have never been so sweet. Filled with lots of colorful sprinkles and topped with Peeps chicks to charm one and all, these Easter cupcakes only call for a yellow cake mix, some water, vegetable oil, eggs, candy-coated chocolate candies or sprinkles, some frosting, green food color, green decorating sugar, and loads of yellow Peeps marshmallow chicks. Putting just four simple steps to great use, Table Spoon takes you through the complete method to recreating the beautiful cupcakes in your very own kitchen, in no more than 30 minutes.

Recipe Details : tablespoon

33. Sheep Easter Cupcakes

Sheep Easter Cupcakes

These little sheeps are a must-try for those who are looking out for an easy yet super cute cupcake recipe reflecting the spirit of Easter. Just a cake mix, icing, marshmallows and some candy clay is all you need to create these cute little sheep. The little creatures made out of soft, sculpy candy clay is the hero of this simple-to-make treat, that would make it hard for you to wait for the family to get home. Head to the below recipe by Cincy Shopper to prepare this exquisite one of Easter cake recipes using just a handful of ingredients, including a box of chocolate cake mix, vegetable oil, some eggs, softened butter, milk, powdered sugar, dark chocolate chips or wafers, and corn syrup.

Recipe Details : cincyshopper

34. Bird’s Nest Cupcakes

Bird’s Nest Cupcakes

The only thing you need to compliment the subtleness and simplicity of vanilla is a frosting with a marvellous chocolate flavour along with lots of toasted coconut. This one is a great combination of colors of flaunted by the two aforesaid special elements which together make these cupcakes just so suitable not only for this Easter season, but also for cherishing throughout the spring. They are sure to be a huge hit at a festive gathering, having mini eggs forging themselves as cute little birds with bright beaks, enough to take a breath away of whoever gets a simple glimpse of them. Learn the process of making the Bird’s Nest Cupcakes with Cooking Classy in the below recipe.

Recipe Details : cookingclassy

35. Bunny Ear Cupcake Toppers

Bunny Ear Cupcake Toppers

When you are done with making some Easter cupcakes, enchant them up with some home-made cookie toppers made in just three simple steps – baking, decorating and assembling things together. Only a shade of white and pink is all you nee to mimic a pair of adorable bunny ears just perfectly, that are cute enough to bring an Easter charm to almost any cupcake they are used to adorn with. These toppers are definitely meant for those who believe themselves to be last-minute procrastinators. Just get the kids engaged in the making and create a sure shot show-stopper. The below tutorial also shares some incredible tips of putting together amazing cupcake wrappers with home-made bunny tails and feet.

Recipe Details : sweetsugarbelle

36. Spring Butterfly Cupcakes Recipe

Spring Butterfly Cupcakes Recipe

A bunch of gorgeous home-made cupcakes looking just like a lovely butterfly can never fail to add that element of happy spring to an Easter brunch. What’s great is that the base sponge cake used in this recipe can be replaced with almost any flavour you love. It takes just a handful of readily available ingredients including, a box of Cake Mix, some eggs, vegetable oil, softened butter, milk, powdered sugar, green food coloring, white chocolate covered pretzels, M&Ms, and some edible Easter grass, along with a handful of steps explained by Thrifty Jinxy. Impress your nearest and dearest this Easter with this absolute favourite one of Easter cake recipes.

Recipe Details : thriftyjinxy

37. Carrots and Dirt Cupcakes with Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Carrots and Dirt Cupcakes with Chocolate Covered Strawberries

What beats the fragrance of chocolates , specially when some pretty red strawberries are dipped in them? Seems quite synonymous to sheer heaven. A beautiful garden-themed dessert, these yummy chocolate cupcakes covered in ganache and crushed Oreos, topped with a white chocolate covered strawberry seem to hold a vegetable, but actually flaunt a sweet dessert-y flavour. You need your favorite chocolate cake baked into cupcakes, some chocolate ganache, some Oreos, strawberries, and orange candy melts. Something Swanky guides you how you can recreate Carrots and Dirt Cupcakes in just a matter of four steps. Serve for an Easter brunch and grab a round of applause for your home-made concoction.

Recipe Details : somethingswanky

38. Speckled Easter Cupcakes

Speckled Easter Cupcakes

Spread the sweet taste of spring the Easter way with these Speckled Cupcakes that are just so irresistible to look at, and equally savoury to grab a bite into. A lovely layer of fluffy frosting is what steals the show flaunting unique and contrasting speckles that are brought to life with a clever and innovative use of some cocoa and vanilla extract, working as the perfect element of glory to these cupcakes. The thing that’s even more wonderful is that these take just 10 minutes to prepare and 12 minutes to cook. Why not bring a whole rainbow of colors to your dinner table with this one-of-a-kind Easter dessert, a unique color for every single one who gets lucky to savour one of these delights?

Recipe Details : urbanbakes

39. Bunny’s Carrot Garden Easter Cupcakes

Bunny's Carrot Garden Easter Cupcakes

Let the sponge of a delicious chocolate cupcake work as the growing ground for a fake carrot, that’s actually nothing but a thick, yummy frosting piped into the cake, all resulting in a super fun surprise when someone digs their teeth into this treat or simply grabs a cut slice. Building your very own Carrot Garden for those cute bunnies would seem just like a child’s play – all you have to do is decorate the whole Easter treat table with a bunch of these beauties and wait for the bunnies to join in. Just bake your cake, top it with some chocolate frosting and make the carrots and voila! Your creation is serve-ready in no time. Take a look at the detailed recipe shared by Wilton.

Recipe Details : wilton

40. Reese’s Cup Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Reese’s Cup Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Baking a beautiful Easter dessert that can get the whole family into some baking action has it’s own unique charm. When placed on top of a yummy chocolate cupcake, Reese’s Cups made to look like Easter bunnies look exceptionally cute and fun, while also being truly delectable to eat. What you need to collect is some Reese’s Cups, pink sixlets, candy eyes, black food coloring marker, Tootsie Roll Midgee, Vanilla Tootsie Roll Midgee, whoppers, gummy carrot, chocolate frosted cupcake, and melted light cocoa confectionery coating. Here is a cute little bunny that is sure to please the kids and adults that one would think twice before taking a bite.

Recipe Details : hungryhappenings

41. Easy Bunny Cupcakes in a Jar

Easy Bunny Cupcakes in a Jar

We just can’t get enough of bunnies if it’s Easter. That’s what makes these Easy Bunny Cupcakes just so desirable and fitting for the season. And a mason jar is something exceptionally fun and unique for almost any DIY project. These Easy Bunny Cupcakes in a Jar topped with a quick yet exquisite decoration use mini chocolate bunnies to make you skip a heartbeat. For the cake, you need a white cake mix and some eggs to begin some baking in mason jars, finished up with a topping of lots of store bought icing and gorgeous sprinkles. Bubbly Nature Creations explains the easy to forge steps needed to recreate this edible magic all by yourself.

Recipe Details : bubblynaturecreations

42. Chick Cupcakes

Chick Cupcakes

When it comes to a dessert dedicated to spring, won’t some edible chicks make the perfect toppers for almost any cupcake flavor in the world? Sitting in a lovely nest made out of chocolate frosting, the chicks are constructed with some snack cakes, truffles, and frosting quite easily. Plus, some colorful candy eggs can go along with your chicks quite wonderfully. Gather some semisweet chocolate, butter frosting, baked white cupcakes, cream-filled snack cakes, small round white chocolate truffles, orange chewy fruit-flavor squares, sprinkles, and some yellow food coloring. Celebrate spring by transforming basic cupcakes into adorable chick habitats.

Recipe Details : bhg

Making a long-lasting lovely impression on all the guests joining you for Easter won’t be a tough task anymore with all the above amazing Easter Cake Recipes in your hands. Let’s get going to put a stylish, elegant and delicious dessert menu on the table, that too quite effortlessly, just like a literal ‘Piece of Cake’. Happy Easter!

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