50 Best Banana Cake Recipes Transforming the Fruit into a Scrumptious Dessert

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Transforming plain, regular bananas into a one-of-a-kind dessert that sports gorgeous decor, delicious flavors and a variety of textures, including crunchy, creamy, nutty and crumbly is definitely, an awesome idea. And why not? After all it yields a lip-smacking something that would be loved by even those who have always been running away from having a banana as a whole, raw fruit. Here are 50 Banana Cake Recipes Transforming the Fruit into a Scrumptious Dessert.

31. Brown Butter Banana Cake with Brown Butter Cream Cheese Icing

Brown Butter Banana Cake with Brown Butter Cream Cheese Icing

Featuring an irresistible spongy texture, this cake with a gorgeous smothering of brown butter cream cheese icing that not only covers the cake throughout, but also plays the role of the most amazing cake filling in the world is surprisingly easy to prepare. This one is a complete thing of romance between the icing and the three underlying brown butter banana cake layers that are insanely moist and flavorful. The icing flaunts tiny brown specks throughout and that’s where you cherish the peculiar brown butter touch like never before.

Recipe Details : keepitsweetdesserts

32. Banana Cake with Nutella Frosting

Banana Cake with Nutella Frosting

The showstealer of this wonderfully pretty banana cake is the thick, rich Nutella frosting that alternates between the tender and moist cake layers, as well as covers the treat from the outside. And those beautiful frosting roses resting along the top circumference of the cake surely deserve a special mention. The frosting is not a regular layer of icing, rather it sports a unique nutty texture, while being exceptionally luscious and creamy at the same time. Taking no more than fifteen minutes to whip the cake, the recipe shared by Shugary Sweets is a true child’s play.

Recipe Details : shugarysweets

33. Favorite Banana Cake Recipe

Favorite Banana Cake Recipe

Ripe bananas create a whole burst of amazing flavors that reach new levels of moistness with the addition of some buttermilk into the batter. But, what makes every bit of this cake utterly delicious and luxuriously smooth is the best cream cheese frosting that’s soft, tangy and sweet – topped with a pretty slice of banana. Calling for some softened butter, sugar, some large ripe bananas, large eggs, a little vanilla, flour, baking soda, salt, some milk, and lemon juice, this one lets you add lots of chopped nuts if you need a little more crunch.

Recipe Details : dessertnowdinnerlater

34. Easy Banana Snack Cake

Easy Banana Snack Cake

You won’t find a way better than this one to put those ripe bananas to an amazing use that’s not only clever and innovative, but also irresistibly delicious. Easy Banana Snack Cake loaded with lots of bananas and brown sugar is a complete melt-in-the-mouth thing with that super moist texture, that has been contrasted with lots of chopped nuts that nestle the cake throughout. The Brown Butter Maple Cream Cheese Frosting that covers the cake makes it steal all the eyes and hearts with a yummy, nutty aroma and a super creamy texture.

Recipe Details : momontimeout

35. Bananas Foster Layer Cake

Bananas Foster Layer Cake

So many cake layers, lots of velvet-like icing, a delectable and glossy foster sauce and lots of yummy banana slices – all join hands together in this decadent Bananas Foster Layer Cake that takes you into a completely delicious bliss. What’s the most awesome thing about the cake is the addition of foster sauce to the cake layers and the extra moistness it bring out when it’s soaked in the sponge. Plus, the sauce also comes into play in the pretty icing as well as adorns the top of the cake. Alternate the cake layers with banana slices and cherish the pure flavour at its best.

Recipe Details : lifeloveandsugar

36. Banana Ogura Cake

Banana Ogura Cake

Baked with water bath method, this lip-smacking Banana Ogura Cake is all about some easy baking, and keeping things minimal with zero elements of decor. Best cherished with a warm cup of coffee, this one is unbearably sweet, soft and tender. All you need is some eggs, corn oil, lots of mashed bananas, some salt, cake flour, some cream of tartar, and some sugar to put the cake together. The below recipe by Jeannietay takes you through the detailed step-by-step instructions to recreate this yummy-licious dessert.

Recipe Details : jeannietay

37. Sticky Toffee Banana Cake

Sticky Toffee Banana Cake

Introducing pretty little tweaks to the classic English dessert, sticky toffee pudding, this super moist cake deserves a space on your dinner table whenever you need to treat yourself with a warm and comforting dessert. Looking absolutely stunning, this moist cake has been made with finely chopped dates and is topped with an utterly sweet and sticky toffee sauce. Made out of butter, cream, brown sugar and corn syrup, the toffee sauce makes the soft banana bread made using overripe bananas. The finishing touches are brought by banana slices and chopped pecans.

Recipe Details : onceuponachef

38. Grandma’s Banana Cake Recipe

Grandma's Banana Cake Recipe

Let the essence of those lovely childhood days get infused in a homemade dessert with this Grandma’s Banana Cake Recipe. Ripe bananas work like wonders when combined with some magical ingredients to create this savory indulgence. The cake calls for some sugar, eggs, vegetable oil, sour milk, sifted flour, vanilla, mashed ripe bananas, baking Soda and pinch of salt. What makes it even more marvelous is the extra fluffiness and smooth texture – the credit goes to the integration of some sour milk to the batter.

Recipe Details : savingthefamilymoney

39. Banana Pudding Cake

Banana Pudding Cake

Pudding, cake and cream – three ever-delectable dessert elements are blended into one sensational Banana Pudding Cake that can be rightly called as the dream come true for every banana lover. The delicate cake layers made out of banana pudding mix have been assembled with banana slices and thick layers of a homemade filling combining instant sugar-free vanilla pudding mix, skim milk, and lots of cool whip. To add the final touches of beauty and make this one a sure shot winner, just decorate it with some whipped cream and nilla wafers – crushed as well as whole.

Recipe Details : littlebitsweet

40. Banana Meringue Cake

Banana Meringue Cake

Pretty close to looking like a work of art, this appetizing dessert has got a gorgeously assembled layer of velvety meringue as its star. It has got lots of tender banana cake layers alternated by an ooey-gooey filling of cinnamon-sour cream ganache, while a topping of thick, delicious meringue made out of egg whites, granulated sugar, vanilla extract, and pinch of salt makes the experience oh so fluffy and yummy, having it made into lovely swirls and scoops. A glamorous touch of color is brought by using a kitchen torch to toast the outside of the meringue with a golden brown color.

Recipe Details : sugarhero

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