53 Best Homemade Ice Cream Cake Recipes

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Ice Cream Cakes are another name for joy not only for brightening up a party, but also for bringing about a great blend of tender cakes with chilly frozen ice creams in one single dessert. After all, who doesn’t adore these two ever-charming treats ? No matter if you are fond of chocolate, love the flavours of peanut butter cups, or want to introduce some minty freshness into your desserts, here are 53 Truly Delectable yet Easy Homemade Ice Cream Cake Recipes that can add a cold flair to just about any day of summer.

31. Classic Milkshake Ice Cream Cupcakes

Classic Milkshake Ice Cream Cupcakes

Leaving a whole world of possibilities to be prepared in so many different flavours, Classic Milkshake Ice Cream Cupcakes are a treat you can have throughout the week, going for a new taste everyday. Plus, it’s just so easy to serve them, all you need to do is take out the frozen delight, adorn it with a dollop of whipped cream and cherry on top, and voila ! Your colorful cupcakes are ready to savor. Whether your kids love strawberry, mint, vanilla, banana or chocolate, these just call for a little food coloring and extracts to get it all done.

Recipe Details : sprinklesomefun

32. Black And White Brownie Ice Cream Cake

Black And White Brownie Ice Cream Cake

There’s no doubt in the fact that Black and White coming together always lead to the emergence of a classic piece of beauty, not to mention this one is loaded with sweetness. It doesn’t take a great deal of effort to bring this super stunning cake to life. You just need to grab chocolate and vanilla ice creams and some brownie to get going with a clever layering of the delicious elements into a loaf pan. The vanilla layer filled with lots of brownie bits adds the much-needed chewiness and twist to the texture as well as the flavour.

Recipe Details : bakersroyale

33. Milo Ice Cream Cake

Milo Ice Cream Cake

Planning for a great house party with your buddies over a cup of coffee and some amazing desserts that can add a flair of joy to the day? This Milo Ice Cream Cake when served on the table can turn out to be the showstopper of your celebration, with it’s exquisite layers of moist chocolate malt cake holding a creamy vanilla ice cream nestled with crunchy crumbles of some more Milo on top. To transform the treat from plain to enchanting, some hot chocolate sauce comes into action, looking stunning with a huge pile of yet more Milo crumbles.

Recipe Details : thesugarhit

34. Tiramisu Ice Cream Cake

Tiramisu Ice Cream Cake

Celebrate your love for coffee and the intoxicating magic of chocolate by blending in the two together into one magnificent dessert that looks just so lavish and pretty. A home-baked Vanilla sponge cake, lots of softened chocolate ice cream, softened coffee ice cream, some mascarpone cream, cocoa powder, and lots of yummy chocolate curls are the few simple ingredients you need to gather to whip up the Classic Tiramisu Ice Cream Cake. Take a look at the easy-to-follow ice cream cake recipe explained by The Delicious Life below.

Recipe Details : thedeliciouslife

35. Mint Chip Brownie Ice Cream Squares

Mint Chip Brownie Ice Cream Squares

Looking absolutely luscious, this creamy moist layer ice cream cake flaunting a flavour of mint, chocolate, brownies, and whipped cream can cast an enchanting spell on your get together with it’s pretty layer of decadent mini chocolate chips. The pastel green mint chip ice cream offering its fresh summer accent makes the underneath fudge brownies even more amazing when topped with another layer of chocolate. Decorate with a thick coat of airy whipped cream and call your loved ones in for a memorable treat.

Recipe Details : glorioustreats

36. Turtle Pumpkin Ice Cream Cake

Turtle Pumpkin Ice Cream Cake

Made out of dulce de leche and lots of pumpkin ice cream, this adorable cake is perfect when you are looking out for a dark and rich flavored dessert. Apart from being beautiful and delectable, this amazing treat with it’s deep chocolate flavour brought about with a chocolate-shell drizzled over the top and edges also features a wonderful texture with an awesome garnishing of candied pecans, looking just so special with its gingersnap crust. Learn how you can prepare the Turtle Pumpkin Ice Cream Cake with just a little bit of effort in the below recipe.

Recipe Details : aspicyperspective

37. Peanut Butter Crunch Ice Cream Cake

Peanut Butter Crunch Ice Cream Cake

Why go for a plain spoon of peanut butter when you can turn the ever-amazing treat into a fresh and frozen summer dessert? Delicious and crunchy folding of peanut butter coated Rice Krispies into a smooth mix of vanilla ice cream and peanut butter turns out to be a true charmer when sitting on top of a yummy Nutter Butter crust, and garnished with some more peanut butter crunchies. Whipping up the smooth yet crunchy ice cream cake in a few simple steps is just so easy for how impressive and luscious it looks.

Recipe Details : thegunnysack

38. Watermelon Ice Cream Cake

Watermelon Ice Cream Cake


Here’s a dessert that screams WATERMELON the moment it catches your eyes. Made out of three different colored ice creams, along with some dark chocolate chips, this ice cream cake looks just like a huge slice of the water-y summer fruit, making it totally impossible for you to resist from grabbing a quick bite. Although, it will take a little time and patience to assemble this one, the end results are quite worth it. The flavours used in this version of a Watermelon Ice Cream Cake are lime sherbet, vanilla frozen yogurt, and raspberry sherbet.

Recipe Details : fearlesshomemaker

39. Summer Berry Ice Cream Cake

Summer Berry Ice Cream Cake

Covered with a crown having lots of lots of fresh blackberries, this ice cream cake flaunts adorably subtle shades with a special combination of three ice cream flavours – Strawberry Basil, Coconut and Avocado Curd, and Blackberry Lime and Basil, where everything settles on a thick layer of velvety smooth pound cake placed at the bottom. And you just can’t forget the blackberry jam that makes the super easy Summer Berry Ice Cream Cake add that special touch of romance to your day.

Recipe Details : camillestyles

40. Berry Vanilla Ice Cream Cake

Berry Vanilla Ice Cream Cake

This summer season, make a lip-smacking cake showcasing unseen levels of gorgeousness with a rich frosting of freshly whipped cream, and lots of lovely strawberries and blueberries flaunting a patriotic combination of colors. The inside has got two layers of yummy vanilla bean cake holding a thick layer of vanilla bean ice cream in between with delicious strawberry and blueberry sauces mixed in. With the wonderful flavour and an equally amazing appearance, this Berry Vanilla Ice Cream Cake is all you need for a dessert on the dinner table.

Recipe Details : annies-eats

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