55 Best No Bake Cake Recipes Making Summers A Treat To Remember!

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Summer days come quite naturally with making us crave for a delicious, chilled dessert almost every evening. Surely, the fridge might not have a great scoop of ice cream every time you open the door, and it seems quite a challenging task to get a delectable cake on the table when the scorching heat doesn’t make you feel like standing in the kitchen for hours, indulged in some making and baking. Comes to your rescue, the idea of No-Bake Cakes that whip up in just a deal of few minutes, while yielding some of the most irresistible flavours of all time. Here are 55 No Bake Cake Recipes Making Summers A Treat To Remember.

51. Mini Nutella Cheesecake Recipe

Mini Nutella Cheesecake Recipe

A cupcake-sized Nutella Cheesecake when placed atop a crispy crust made not only with graham crackers, but lots of butter, hazelnuts and Nutella together, makes for an irresistible treat, which is surprisingly simple to whip up. These Nutella Cheesecakes topped with lots of chopped toasted hazelnuts sport an amazing crunch in every bite, looking just so artistic and elegant at the same time. And not to forget, below the toasted nuts lies a huge dollop of whipped topping adding an element of fluffiness.

Recipe Details : rasamalaysia

52. Peanut Butter Cup Eclair Cake

Peanut Butter Cup Eclair Cake

Covered with crunchy and creamy Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, this cake flaunts a winsome base of graham crackers, having a delicious layer of pudding mixture residing underneath a third layer of mini peanut butter cups. The layers are repeated having everything hidden below a rich chocolate frosting. Putting the cake together takes just a few minutes, calling for Jell-o Vanilla Pudding Mix, whole milk, peanut butter, whipped topping, chocolate graham crackers, peanut butter cups, and chocolate frosting.

Recipe Details : mybakingaddiction

53. Coconut Berry Ice Box Cake

Coconut Berry Ice Box Cake

Here is something that celebrates the special day of 4th of July just perfectly with the apt union of colors it flaunts ! Coconut Berry Icebox Cake has got fresh strawberries for the red, delicious frozen blueberries for the blue, and of couse, lots of super creamy filling for the white, that’s made out of coconut cream, sugar, heavy whipping cream and coconut rum. In between, also lies the wonder of toasted coconut cookies that also brings about the much needed crunch to compliment the smooth and juicy texture of the cake.

Recipe Details : selfproclaimedfoodie

54. No Bake Samoa Eclair Cake

No Bake Samoa Eclair Cake

This summer, grab the sheer pleasure of creamy cake layers only to combine it with the crunch of samoa cookies to form one single dessert of exceptional prettiness. A mix of vanilla pudding, milk and caramel ice cream topping when combined with cool whip rests with grace on top of a base of graham crackers, followed by repeating the process to get the No Bake Samoa Eclair Cake decor-ready. A buttery, chocolate-y frosting covers the cake with true amazement, only to be adorned with some more caramel drizzles and toasted coconut.

Recipe Details : chef-in-training

55. No Bake Chocolate Cake

No Bake Chocolate Cake

If a thick, smooth chocolate cake loaded with dense flavours of cocoa goodness is your cup of tea, you would fall head over heels in love with this No Bake Chocolate Cake. How moist and tender every sinful slice of the cake is worthy of wondering over the fact that it’s a super quick and easy dessert that doesn’t need you to even hit the oven. The topping of luxurious chocolate fudge and fresh berries make the cake a true showstopper, specially when dusted with a contrasting color of icing sugar!

Recipe Details : rasamalaysia.com

If you don’t consider yourself an expert at baking, or simply if you are in no mood to switch on the oven to add some comfort to the summer heat, the aforesaid No Bake Cake Recipes can work just wonders for you, with the added benefit of getting prepared ahead of time. Just pull the frozen dessert out whenever your taste buds call for a touch of chilly goodness and savor a yummy no-bake cake with the whole family!

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