35 Wonderful Sheet Cake Recipes Delighting You With Perfect Blends of Sponge and Frosting!

Baked and served in a large rectangular or square-shaped pan, sheet cakes have got absolutely nothing not worth loving about them. Whether it’s the ease with which you can make and assemble them, the choice to add a layer of yummy frosting or leave it…
Rainbow Cake recipes

25 Super Easy Recipes for Whipping up Rainbow Cakes and Savoring a Spectrum of Colors

Stealing the rainbow from the sky and putting it right on your dessert table is what rainbow cakes do with adorable perfection. Although they look quite a complicated deal to put together, bringing that whole spectrum of colors to life is actually much easier than…
Recipes for Cakes in a Jar

35 Awesome Recipes for Cakes in a Jar That are Totally Yummilicious!

A homemade cake is perhaps, the sweetest kind of dessert one could ever have or prepare for their loved ones. But, the way they are served can make everything all the way more amazing, specially when a delectable cake comes packed in a pretty jar.…
best Layer Cake Recipes

30 Unearthly Layer Cake Recipes Building Towers of Luxurious Yumminess!

Speaking of layer cakes, there’s no doubt in the fact that soft and fluffy layers of sponge are taken to fascinating levels of deliciousness when they are alternated with your favorite cream, cookies, frosting or simply fresh cut fruit slices. At the same time, it…
Strawberry Shortcake Recipes

35 Strawberry Shortcake Recipes Celebrating Your Love For Berries and Cream

Are you a die hard strawberry shortcake lover but want to make the treat taste and look all new every time you whip it up? You really don’t need to go by the traditional route always, when you can transform the classic strawberry shortcake recipe…
How To Make Perfect Nutella Cheesecake

How To Make Perfect Nutella Cheesecake?

What can beat the wonderful effect that a union of creamy and crunchy creates on your taste buds, specially when it comes with the ever- successful flavors of Nutella and your choice of cookies? And wouldn’t it turn out to be a to-die-for something if…
Milk and Cookie Cake

Alternating Layers of Cream and Crunch Create Magic With This Milk and Cookie Cake

What can make the morning breakfast more amazing that coupling up your favorite beverages with your choice of cookies? The answer is a huge, stunningly delicious cookie cake that has integrates the charm of cookies with the luxury of a cake!
30 Strawberry Cake Recipes Putting the Berries to Lusciously Delightful Use

30 Strawberry Cake Recipes Putting the Berries to Lusciously Delightful Use

No matter what’s the season, strawberries are always a huge hit for the taste buds, whether cherished as fresh cut fruity slices, blended into a great salad, coated in dark chocolate, or simply transformed into a delicious cake to put together a showstopper of a…
best Fruit Cake Recipes Making The Most Out of Fruity Goodness

50 Decadent Fruit Cake Recipes Making The Most Out of Fruity Goodness

You really don’t need an occasion or reason to treat yourself with a yummy fruit cake, all thanks to the health-packed preparation that this specific genre of desserts is, as well as the ease with which you can whip one up. But, the idea of…
Top 25 Superhero Cake Recipes and Ideas For Boys

Top 25 Superhero Cake Recipes and Ideas For Boys

One really doesn’t need to give a second thought to the fact that Superheroes top the list of boy fantasies and fascinations, with most of those little heroes dreaming to turn into their favorite characters some day, or at least flaunt some of their super…

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