Yummy Cake Roll Recipes Combining Cream and Sponge in one Sweet Log!

39 Yummy Cake Roll Recipes Combining Cream and Sponge in one Sweet Log!

Isn’t it incredible how you can transform a simple baked sheet cake into a thing of true deliciousness by rolling it when it’s hot, and unrolling it once it has cooled. The next thing it takes is to spread a rich creamy filling on the…
45 No Bake Cheesecake Recipes

45 No Bake Cheesecake Recipes All About The Meaning of Melt-in-the-Mouth!

Packed with an unmatchable dose of creaminess, no-bake cheesecakes come no less than a boon when you really aren’t ready to spend hours of baking in the kitchen. The secret simply lies in assembling layer by layer of creamilicious elements over a base of your…
Simple Chocolate Decoration Cake

Forget Complicated Cake Decorating Tools as Bubble Wrap Comes to the Rescue!

What’s the thing about cakes that makes them look absolutely gorgeous and even more tempting? It’s that lovely decor that brings in all the fanciness to even the simplest of bakes. But, it’s not always about intricate-tipped piping bags or complicated tools to get that…
best Cake Pops

30 Toothsome Cake Pops That Are The Best Bite-Sized Yummies Ever!

Cake pops work around a simple concept of combining cake crumbles with your choice of frosting and preparing little bite-sized balls of the same, followed by assembling them on a stick once they are covered with a final outer coating. Making everything just so portable,…
Marbled Easter Cake

Marbled Easter Cake Adorned with Marshmallow Peeps is Everything The Festival Needs!

Nothing can bring out that element of joy on Easter better than colors, and that’s why it’s the right time to indulge in some colorful dessert-making to make the holiday all the way more delicious and fun-filled. All you need is this mesmerising Marbled Easter…
Easter Candy Pinata Cake

Cut Through This Easter Candy Pinata Cake and Witness a Mouthwatering Surprise!

Festivals like Easter call for a complete showstopper of a cake, but doesn’t the idea of a regular cake sound too conventional? Cherish the best of both worlds – an exceptionally tender cake as well as loads of loads of assorted Easter candy combined in…
No-Bake Chocolate Biscuit Cake Recipe

Travel Down The Memory Lane with This No-Bake Chocolate Biscuit Cake Recipe

Are you ready to travel down the memory lane and get back to those amazing childhood days when you used to cherish super crunchy and creamy chocolate biscuits that used to come all sorts of shapes and sizes? If yes, then you are good to…

These 4 Fun Ways To Decorate A Cake Can Make Even The Most Novice Bakers A Showstopper!

Scrolling through homemade cake recipes, we all come across some elaborately decorated desserts that undoubtedly, are incredibly inspiring and make us want to indulge in some baking. But at the same time, they are likely to make it all look too hard-to-forge when it comes…
Homemade Rainbow Desserts

Celebrate The 7 Colors of The Rainbow With These Incredible Homemade Rainbow Desserts

Wouldn’t it be a dream come true if you could bring the whole spectrum of colors down, only to integrate them into a homemade treat? This video by MyCupcakeAddiction showcases 8 ultra-creative Rainbow Dessert Recipes ranging from cupcakes and shakes to huge full-sized sponge cakes!
50 Lemon Cake Recipes

50 Lemon Cake Recipes You Need To Pull Off a Tangy Summertime Dessert

Who doesn’t love super fresh and tangy lemon-y food when the magical springtime knocks the door? And why wouldn’t one – everything about lemon tastes oh so yummy, citrus-y and absolutely refreshing. If you too are looking out to cherish that tang with a touch…

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