Oreo Cake Recipes cover

35 Melt-in-the-mouth Oreo Cake Recipes Transforming the Cookies to Sheer Indulgence!

Of course, it’s a heavenly experience to shower your sweet tooth with delicious Oreo cookies that sandwich a succulent layer of cream filling between crispy chocolate perfection. But, wouldn’t it be even more amazing to transform or blend the cookies into melt-in-the-mouth cakes, ending up…
best Cake Pops

30 Toothsome Cake Pops That Are The Best Bite-Sized Yummies Ever!

Cake pops work around a simple concept of combining cake crumbles with your choice of frosting and preparing little bite-sized balls of the same, followed by assembling them on a stick once they are covered with a final outer coating. Making everything just so portable,…
Hazelnut Dream Cake with Banana

Hazelnut Dream Cake with Banana

Crepe Cake Recipes

45 Succulent Crepe Cake Recipes Ending Up in A Melt-In-The-Mouth Treat!

A totally out of the world thing of deliciousness, crepe cake is actually a French dessert composed of lots of crepe layers sporting a luscious filling in between. Whether its chocolate, berries, lemon, almond, coconut or just about any flavour you can think of –…
Coffee Cake Recipes

30 Drool-Worthy Coffee Cake Recipes That are Much More Than Just Scrumptious!

Accompanying a cup of coffee with a soft and moist slice of cake doesn’t only make the experience so much more delicious, but also makes the day a little better with a sweet dose of dessert! Right from pretty cakes loaded with lots of fruity…
Bundt Cake Recipes

45 Toothsome Bundt Cake Recipes Delighting Even the Most Novice Bakers!

Thanks to their shape and the kind of gorgeousness they flaunt, bundt cakes can make even the simplest of preparations look mesmerizing! And of course, if the flavors and textures have got that element of deliciousness, a bundt cake doesn’t even call for much decor…
Sheet Cake Recipes

35 Wonderful Sheet Cake Recipes Delighting You With Perfect Blends of Sponge and Frosting!

Baked and served in a large rectangular or square-shaped pan, sheet cakes have got absolutely nothing not worth loving about them. Whether it’s the ease with which you can make and assemble them, the choice to add a layer of yummy frosting or leave it…
Rainbow Cake recipes

25 Super Easy Recipes for Whipping up Rainbow Cakes and Savoring a Spectrum of Colors

Stealing the rainbow from the sky and putting it right on your dessert table is what rainbow cakes do with adorable perfection. Although they look quite a complicated deal to put together, bringing that whole spectrum of colors to life is actually much easier than…
Recipes for Cakes in a Jar

35 Awesome Recipes for Cakes in a Jar That are Totally Yummilicious!

A homemade cake is perhaps, the sweetest kind of dessert one could ever have or prepare for their loved ones. But, the way they are served can make everything all the way more amazing, specially when a delectable cake comes packed in a pretty jar.…
best Layer Cake Recipes

30 Unearthly Layer Cake Recipes Building Towers of Luxurious Yumminess!

Speaking of layer cakes, there’s no doubt in the fact that soft and fluffy layers of sponge are taken to fascinating levels of deliciousness when they are alternated with your favorite cream, cookies, frosting or simply fresh cut fruit slices. At the same time, it…

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