Giant Peeps Cake with Surprise Inside

Celebreate Easter With This Giant Peeps Cake with Surprise Inside

Those fluffy, spongy and super gooey marshmallow peeps have surely established themselves as one of the most popular candies associated with Easter celebrations and treats. But, here’s an all new version to those adorable little chicks that transforms the candy into a super-sized cake-y dessert…
Marbled Easter Cake

Marbled Easter Cake Adorned with Marshmallow Peeps is Everything The Festival Needs!

Nothing can bring out that element of joy on Easter better than colors, and that’s why it’s the right time to indulge in some colorful dessert-making to make the holiday all the way more delicious and fun-filled. All you need is this mesmerising Marbled Easter…
Easter Candy Pinata Cake

Cut Through This Easter Candy Pinata Cake and Witness a Mouthwatering Surprise!

Festivals like Easter call for a complete showstopper of a cake, but doesn’t the idea of a regular cake sound too conventional? Cherish the best of both worlds – an exceptionally tender cake as well as loads of loads of assorted Easter candy combined in…

Give an All New Purpose to Festive Eggs with this Toothsome Easter Egg Chocolate Fridge Cake!

What makes the occasion of Easter so much more awaited is those mouth-watering Easter eggs loaded with some of the most delicious flavours. But, wouldn’t it be absolutely splendid to craft a whole new after-celebration dessert out of those leftover Easter eggs, treating your sweet…
Cheesecake Easter Egg Recipe

Combine Cheesecake and Easter Eggs Together With This Adorable Chocolaty Dessert

When Easter is round the corner, those cuteness-loaded Easter eggs make one and all drool! But if keeping things plain and conventional is not your cup of tea, you would be delighted to combine empty chocolate egg shells with a yet another insanely tempting dessert,…
42 Brilliantly Gorgeous Easter Cake Recipes Enchanting The Spring Season!

42 Brilliantly Gorgeous Easter Cake Recipes Enchanting The Spring Season!

Celebrations always call for a dessert, and nothing can match a home-made centrepiece for a Easter get together, that’s not just pretty, but truly delectable. Whether you’re looking for an exquisitely beautiful Easter cake to cast a miraculous spell on your friends and family, or…

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