Refreshing Summer Lemon Cake-cover

Refreshing Summer Lemon Cake

As simple as this recipe has such exciting flavors. Any other pudding powder can be made. I recommend strawberry pudding to it and you can decorate the cake with them, it is also a delicious flavor. With lemon, it turns out to be a really…
Spring Cake recipe

Here’s a Stunning Spring Cake Adorned With Cherry Flowers and Marzipans!

My favorite season is spring. Beautiful- opening flowers, Singing birds, harmony…. Inspired me the nature’s blooming. I’ve just baked a simple cake with solid Easter eggs, which refer to celebrating mood.
Strawberry Shortcake Recipes

35 Strawberry Shortcake Recipes Celebrating Your Love For Berries and Cream

Are you a die hard strawberry shortcake lover but want to make the treat taste and look all new every time you whip it up? You really don’t need to go by the traditional route always, when you can transform the classic strawberry shortcake recipe…
50 Lemon Cake Recipes

50 Lemon Cake Recipes You Need To Pull Off a Tangy Summertime Dessert

Who doesn’t love super fresh and tangy lemon-y food when the magical springtime knocks the door? And why wouldn’t one – everything about lemon tastes oh so yummy, citrus-y and absolutely refreshing. If you too are looking out to cherish that tang with a touch…
30 Strawberry Cake Recipes Putting the Berries to Lusciously Delightful Use

30 Strawberry Cake Recipes Putting the Berries to Lusciously Delightful Use

No matter what’s the season, strawberries are always a huge hit for the taste buds, whether cherished as fresh cut fruity slices, blended into a great salad, coated in dark chocolate, or simply transformed into a delicious cake to put together a showstopper of a…

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