Celebrate The 7 Colors of The Rainbow With These Incredible Homemade Rainbow Desserts

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Wouldn’t it be a dream come true if you could bring the whole spectrum of colors down, only to integrate them into a homemade treat? This video by MyCupcakeAddiction showcases 8 ultra-creative Rainbow Dessert Recipes ranging from cupcakes and shakes to huge full-sized sponge cakes!

Homemade Rainbow Desserts

A Rainbow ice cream sandwich sporting two disks of eccentric circles, each in one of the colors of the rainbow, the very first dessert is actually lots and lots of cookie dough combined with different food coloring, further sandwiching a thick layer of frozen ice cream in between.

Rainbow ice cream sandwich

Another thing of amazement is a rainbow checkerboard cake that’s insanely pretty to look at – all thanks to the rich smothering of buttercream housing lots and lots of mini, different colored boxes of cake sponge that come with a surprising uniformity yet variations when it comes to their hues.

Advancing through the video, you will come across a giant rainbow cupcake, which is actually a luxurious chocolate cup stuffed with chocolate mud cake throughout, further topped with lots of piping bag grooves of icing sporting the colors from the rainbow, lastly adorned with a candle on top.

How about cutting through a classic black and white cake that resembles the interesting patterns like that of a zebra only to discover the whole lot of colors of utterly soft cake sponge blending into each other like a pool of brightly colored liquids? Yes, that’s exactly what a rainbow zebra cake does!

And who wouldn’t fall in love with a homemade shake that has got gorgeous pastel shades of the rainbow forming a lovely ombre inside a see-through mason jar? The milkshake tastes even better when its topped with lots and lots of whipped cream and a few colorful sprinkles to pay a tribute to its name – Rainbow Milkshake.

Rainbow Milkshake

The story simply doesn’t end here, the super innovative video takes you through three more quick recipes to whip up rainbow desserts at home, including Rainbow Unicorn Poop Cakes, Rainbow Surprise Inside Cupcakes, and Rainbow M&M Cupcake!

Rainbow Cake, Rainbow Cookies, Rainbow Surprise Inside Cupcakes

(Video and pictures via MyCupcakeAddiction)

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