30 Decadent Halloween Cakes Worthy of Replacing Just About Any Festive Centerpiece!

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Having a toothsome full-sized cake or little bite-sized treats as a part of your get together can add true extraordinaire to your Halloween celebrations. Whether it’s a cake covered in stretchy marshmallow melt spiderweb, a treat adorned with yummy strawberry monster, a individual bakes loaded with edible bubbles and cream, or velvet-smooth ghosts resting on top of a thick layer cake, these 30 decadent Halloween cakes have got it all, and much more!

16. Dark Chocolate Cake with Nutella Buttercream

Dark Chocolate Cake with Nutella Buttercream

A chocolate lover’s dream come true is what we term this centerpiece-worthy of a cake! It gets its Halloween touches from tiny googly eyes peeking randomly from the sides and those creepy crawly edible spiders on top that are actually melted semi-sweet chocolate chips piped in a creative fashion. The ultra-rich deep and dark chocolate cake comes in 4 layers of yumminess hidden under a thick smothering of Nutella buttercream that goes perfectly well with the spongy treat. The cake needs flour, dark cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda, salt, sugar, butter, milk, eggs, vanilla extract, water; while buttercream calls for butter, sugar, Nutella, vanilla extract, salt, cream, and dark cocoa powder.

Recipe Details : tasteandtellblog

17. Halloween Bundt Cake

Halloween Bundt Cake

Who needs to strive for perfection when it comes to cake decorating when you can get the magic going with those intended imperfection? Even better is a whole bunch of colors coming to life in this insanely tempting of a Halloween bundt cake that you can forge in no time. It begins with a boxed white cake mix and all the ingredients listed on the box, lots of white frosting, as well as food coloring in orange, purple, green and black. When you cut through the cake, you witness a mesmerising layering of the four colors in the sponge cake, while the baked bundt cake is adorned with stripes of colored frosting throughout. For an added element of crunch and extra texture, throw in assorted Halloween sprinkles on top.

Recipe Details : lovebakesgoodcakes

18. Vamp Attack Halloween Cake

Vamp Attack Halloween Cake

Blood scatters and drops of bloody vampire bites dripping down this cake make it absolutely over the top with the idea of gruesome. The deep, dark red color of the red velvet cake layers intensifies the effect even more. A set of plastic costume teeth takes the credit for those vampire bites, where the key is to press fake fangs into the delicious fondant layer that covers the cake from the outside. The red hue of the bites stands out against with white backdrop with utmost perfection. Not to forget, the filling resting between the layers is a yummilicious raspberry sauce made with lots of fresh or thawed raspberries, sugar, cornstarch, vanilla extract, and a little fresh squeezed lemon juice.

Recipe Details : butterheartssugar

19. Spooky Spiderweb Cake

Spooky Spiderweb Cake

Sheer extraordinaire comes into play on the dessert table when a super spooky spiderweb cake like this one throws a creepy yet delicious charm all over. Black cocoa powder going into the chocolate cake makes it beautifully dense and toothsome, while a center of bright electric green vanilla icing offers the perfect pop of vibrant creaminess to the cake layers. The cake reaches next level awesomeness when a luxurious cover of black chocolate frosting is put over the cake. The moist treat with green spider webs standing along the edges and drool-worthy runs dripping down are colored marshmallow fluff.

Recipe Details : cookiedoughandovenmitt

20. Marshmallow Spiderweb Cake

Marshmallow Spiderweb Cake

Screaming “Halloween” in its every single inch, this cake oozes with creepy crawly spider fantasy throughout, being covered in intricately done edible spiderwebs. The two-tier cake is super easy to try at home, without going for any tough piping, painting or complicated decoration tools to get it all done. Instead, it’s just a matter of letting your imagination run wild using some marshmallows and your fingers, working up the sticky strings of melted marshmallows around the cake. Pre-made cake would work wonders to put the treat together if you are running short on time. Apart from that, you are going to need some white fondant to cover the cake layers with, and of course, loads of marshmallows.

Recipe Details : thecakeblog

21. Candy Corn Tuxedo Cake

Candy Corn Tuxedo Cake

If nothing pleases your eyes more than the idea of subtle, we bet this candy corn tuxedo cake inspired by candy corn is your one-stop destination when looking out for a Halloween cake for the party. The author uses a white cake recipe as the foundation and whips it up in 4 different layers and manipulated the flavour with extracts to make it a more than perfect reminiscent of candy corn. It begins with vanilla for the white layer, followed by butter run for the yellow, orange extract cake for orange layer, and dark chocolate cocoa powder for the chocolate layer at the bottom. The overall treat feels like citrus-y butter candy with a chocolate wallop on your taste buds. White frosting and chocolate glaze add the final splendour.

Recipe Details : sprinklebakes

22. Black Velvet Cake

Black Velvet Cake

Sheer extravagance shaped up as a black velvet cake is going to take your breath away with the kind of looks it sports. And yes, equally delicious are its flavours! The super dark chocolate cake is spruced up with a little integration of black food coloring to make it look just so spooktacular. And, that rich frosting in a pinkish purple hue makes it all the way more fun, while bringing out the perfect contrast to the cake layers. When you top it off with an unbelievably thick layer of melted chocolate that drips down the sides to make a magical chocolate crown, the cake gets celebration-perfect, only to be brightened up with loads of colorful sprinkles along the top and bottom edges.

Recipe Details : heatherchristo

23. Midnight Cookies and Cream Cake

Midnight Cookies and Cream Cake

That huge tower-like structure of this Oreo-inspired cake makes it a sureshot crowd pleaser for the Halloween gathering. Exceptionally dark and rich chocolate-midnight-chocolate cake layers are not only so moist and tender, but also so delectable, rightly balanced with a great pop of pink frosting. The frosting itself has been charmed up by adding colorful sprinkles throughout, finally pouring some glossy shiny chocolate glaze on top of the cake. The filling between the layers is a beautifully sweet cream and cookies concoction nestled with vanilla bean and big chunks of Oreos. Cream cheese added to the frosting makes everything much more luscious, while the frosting swirls on top and full-sized Oreo cookies get the perfect crunch.

Recipe Details : sweetapolita

24. Chocolate Fudge Cake with Ghost Meringues

Chocolate Fudge Cake with Ghost Meringues

What a ghostly take on a classic chocolate cake is this chocolate fudge cake with adorable ghost meringues on top. The cake totally melts in the mouth with its rich, dark, and fudgy textures. The chocolate sponge layers are smothered in a super thick and creamylicious chocolate fudge frosting, further topping the treat with a glaze of chocolate ganache. Complementing the dark color scheme of the cake, those white little ghosts of fluffy meringue with pointy heads are the definition of cuteness. They are made with egg whites, sugar, and vanilla extract, having little chocolate chips going for their eyes and mouth. Check out the detailed recipe shared by Pastry Affair.

Recipe Details : pastryaffair

25. Creepy Strawberry Monsters Halloween Cake

Creepy Strawberry Monsters Halloween Cake

Those huge-toothed monsters resting on top of this cake are definitely going to send some chills down your spine. Plus, the four layered 5-inch cake delights your eyes with Halloween magic, having neon orange, purple and green swirled together to form the tender goodness. You are going to fall in love with that neon green whipped cream that goes for the filling of the cake, enchanted by a thick smothering of neon green white chocolate ganache. Decorate the assembled treat with loads of black ganache dripping down the top, and head to the frightening decor done with creepy strawberry monsters. The monsters sport black chocolate mouth and white fondant teeth, along with black gum paste tentacles.

Recipe Details : sayitwithcake

26. Spooky Splatter Halloween Cake

Spooky Splatter Halloween Cake

A mere glimpse at this spellbinding cake would make it hard to savour such beautiful work of art, but the moment you have a bite into this piece, you’ll crave for more! All the credit for the making of this gorgeous spooky splatter cake goes to a $1 spray bottle that’s used to work up a lovely airbrush look. Not only inexpensive, but the decor is also totally achievable, even if you are the most novice of cake decorators. It sports a starry sky under the bright glow of the moon, having the sky filled with dark black bat silhouettes. You’ll need vegetable shortening, black gel food color, silver luster dust, vodka, card stock, scissors, parchment paper, and yellow fondant.

Recipe Details : thecakeblog

27. Witches’ Brew Halloween Cupcakes

Witches’ Brew Halloween Cupcakes

Topped with bubbly magic and airy frosting, these cupcakes are not just another individual bakes – they are deliciously immersed in the spirit of Halloween. The base is Devil’s Food chocolate cake topped with loads of fluffy green frosting and a whole bunch of sprinkle bubbles in order to make the treats look like bubbly cauldrons. To get the different-sized bubbles, the author used gumballs and large candy sprinkles from Wilton, while the cloud frosting underneath is a super light and airy affair made with cold cream cheese and heavy whipping cream, making every single bite of the cake loaded with sheer velvety creaminess. Learn the steps as explained by Cupcakes and Kale Chips.

Recipe Details : cupcakesandkalechips

28. Double Chocolate Oreo Dirt Halloween Cake

Double Chocolate Oreo Dirt Halloween Cake

One just can’t get enough of this no-bake work of perfection that combined chocolate with super cherishing elements of crunch and cream. All you are going to need to whip up this super easy one of Halloween cakes is lots of Oreo cookies, softened cream cheese, some butter, powdered sugar, a little vanilla, some milk, lots of cool whip, and some instant chocolate pudding. The bottom layer in the dish is a blend of pudding mixture and cream cheese mixture, topped with crushed Oreos, only to repeat the two layers. Decorate with lots of colorful sprinkles and some candy corn pumpkins and make the guests go all ooohh and aahh!

Recipe Details : thesemisweetsisters

29. Spiderweb Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Frosting

Spiderweb Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Frosting

No mugging up of special spells is required to bring this spiderweb chocolate cake to life – it’s all just a matter of assembling super moist chocolate cake layers and fluffy vanilla frosting together. Unlike most other spider-themed preparations of Halloween, this cake goes for everything done in a very adorable fashion, bringing the terror level down a bit. The spiders are made using melting chocolates with round chocolates going for the bodies, while the legs are piped using a small round piping tip. The spiderweb is created by drawing some lines beginning from the cake’s center to the outsides after you spread chocolate ganache on top and piping a swirl of white chocolate ganache over it.

Recipe Details : lifeloveandsugar

30. Pumpkin Patch Cake

Pumpkin Patch Cake

Shrink a whole pumpkin field into a pan, immersing it in some of the most ever-successful flavours, including chocolate, chewy mellowcreme pumpkin candies, and creamylicious icing. The dessert begins with a bottom layer of chocolate cake made from the very scratch, further topped with a velvety chocolate frosting. Embed the frosting with lots of mellowcreme pumpkins, adding the final touches of beauty with bright green icing transformed into twisty vines. Other ingredients you need include flour, granulated sugar, baking powder, salt, unsweetened cocoa, sour cream, eggs, pure vanilla extract, water, canola oil, semi-sweet chocolate, unsalted butter, kosher salt, powdered sugar, unsweetened cocoa powder, and milk.

Recipe Details : reneeskitchenadventures
When making the season of trick-or-treating so much sweeter becomes so effortless with these recipes for insanely tempting Halloween cakes, why not let some festive juices flow in the kitchen with a creative show-stealing dessert? Get set to make the guests crave for more of your homemade deliciousness!

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