30 Strawberry Cake Recipes Putting the Berries to Lusciously Delightful Use

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No matter what’s the season, strawberries are always a huge hit for the taste buds, whether cherished as fresh cut fruity slices, blended into a great salad, coated in dark chocolate, or simply transformed into a delicious cake to put together a showstopper of a dessert. The below 30 Strawberry Cake Recipes putting the yummy berries to lusciously delightful use are going to make just about anyone a strawberry lover.

21. Strawberry Cream Crepe Cake

Strawberry Cream Crepe Cake

Irresistibly beautiful to look at and a totally magnificent union of strawberries, cream and crepe – this Strawberry Cream Crepe Cake would become your family’s true love at the very first encounter. The super light and delicate crepe layers that have been brulee’d a little are alternated by delightful toppings of airy strawberry mascarpone cream to bring out a unique combination of crunchy and moist pastry. And, no-baking is required to whip up the yumminess, adorned with whipped cream and more berries on top.

Recipe Details : thesuburbansoapbox

22. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Layer Cake

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Layer Cake

Casting a romantic spell on the taste buds, strawberries and chocolate end up in an out of this world something when put together is one single dessert. And, this Chocolate Covered Strawberry Layer Cake does just that, specially with that subtle idea of decoration keeping it all pretty with a naked cake. Those dark chocolate cake layers are sandwiched with strawberry Swiss meringue buttercream and a luscious ganache which is also used to dip the berry garnish for the top.

Recipe Details : annies-eats

23. Easy Recipes: Strawberry Refrigerator Cake

Easy Recipes: Strawberry Refrigerator Cake

That super tender strawberry cake base reaches new heights of lusciousness with a homemade strawberry puree soaking into the holes made throughout the sponge. For the element of creaminess, you spread a mixture of some cold milk, lots of Vanilla Instant Pudding and thawed cool whip on top of the cake, finally decorating it with fresh strawberries and lots of chopped pecans to get that extra crunch into the texture.

Recipe Details : crystalandcomp

24. Strawberry Kit Kat Cake

Strawberry Kit Kat Cake

Sheer pleasure is the land you are going to travel to when you take the first bite into this Strawberry Kit Kat Cake that combines the creamy texture of chocolate flavoured heavy cream with the tempting taste of a moist chocolate cake that is sandwiched with a layer of fruity goodness of fresh strawberries. Charming the sides of the cake are lots of Kit-Kat bars that take you to those good old childhood days! Even more berries come for the final garnishing on top.

Recipe Details : kirbiecravings

25. Strawberry Lemonade Poke Cake

Strawberry Lemonade Poke Cake

Are you ready to meet an extravagant union of an uber moist lemon cake with a glossy infusion of a strawberry lemonade Jell-O mix? And that layer of a fresh strawberry puree mixed with some whipped cream is simply unforgettable with that pretty coat above the cake layer adding the final touches of beauty and velvety texture. Putting a fresh strawberry on top pays the final tribute to the flavor at its best.

Recipe Details : caramelpotatoes

26. The Best Strawberry Cake Ever

The Best Strawberry Cake Ever

The best Strawberry Cake ever calls for a basic mixing of a white cake mix, strawberry flavored instant gelatin, a strawberry puree, eggs, vegetable oil, water for the preparation of the baked cake layer which is adorned with a thick coat of some homemade strawberry cream cheese frosting. Combining cream cheese with even more berry puree, you add a lot more sweetness to the frosting with some fresh sliced strawberries and confectioner’s sugar.

Recipe Details : ohsoshabbybydebbie

27. Strawberry Cream Cake

Strawberry Cream Cake

How pretty and fabulously flavourful the cake turns out makes it too good to be true for the easy steps of making. The Strawberry Cream Cake features a french vanilla cake mix at the bottom which is transformed into a delectable poke cake, loaded with strawberry gelatin to let the fruity goodness soak in completely. Charmed with a creamy cream cheese filling on top, this one features fresh berries nestled into a final layer of fresh strawberry glaze.

Recipe Details : mommyskitchen

28. Easy Strawberry Bundt Cake

Easy Strawberry Bundt Cake

That stupendous structure of a bundt cake makes even the most ordinary of cake mixes look absolutely drool-worthy and extraordinary. And when it’s turned into a beautifully pink moist strawberry cake oozing that incredible flavour of strawberry, it deserves to be termed as sheer pleasure. All credit goes to lots of sugar free strawberry flavored gelatin, and of course, chopped frozen strawberries, partially thawed strawberries that blend into the batter.

Recipe Details : reneeskitchenadventures

29. Strawberry Mousse Cake

Strawberry Mousse Cake

No matter what all does your dinner table feature, this one heck of a cake is going to be the showstealer at every single get together it comes into play! What’s the best thing about the cake is that it’s loaded with strawberries throughout – right from the soft sponge cake base to that strawberry mousse sitting beneath some more berries that add the final touches of splendour to the top of the cake.

Recipe Details : tatyanaseverydayfood

30. Strawberry Crunch Bar Ice Cream Cake

Strawberry Crunch Bar Ice Cream Cake

Seasons are surely no bar when it comes to cherishing a great scoop of ice cream. What if that chilly yumminess comes together with an equally toothsome cake and lots of crunch brought by your favorite strawberry cookies and wafers all crushed on top of the cake for a gorgeous garnishing? The star element is that thick layer of strawberry ice cream sandwiched between two incredibly delicious layers of moist, spongy white cake.

Recipe Details : cincyshopper

Right from strawberries combined with the magic of creamy cheese cake to delectable ice cream cakes, super easy no-bake preparations to lavishly decorated showstoppers, the above strawberry cake recipes have got you covered!

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